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EVTraxer – the complete platform, with 4 kW DC traction system and 48V 60Ah battery lithium phosphate pack and charger EVTraxer – the complete platform, with 4 kW DC traction system, excluding batteries and chargers EEC homologation documents for the EV platform – includes a public road legal VIN (Vehicle identification number), EU valid insurance and license plate.
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Specification (originál)


The specifications of the EVTraxer platform

The standard platform is made from welded and bonded steel framework, and has a 2,1 m wheelbase with a technically permissible maximum laden mass of 750kg. The EVTraxer 2-wheel drive platform gives 0-25 kmph in 15 seconds, features geared fixed transmission, has a top speed of 40 kmph and a range of 60 km with just 4 kWh of lithium iron phosphate battery power installed.


Homologated for EU

The EVTraxer platform is fully homologated for public roads in all member states of the European union. It has its own global homologation document and the C.O.C listing is provided to register the vehicle at the local road authorities. By summer 2011, the EVTraxer platform has been successfully registered in several EU countries.


The latest technology in your hands

Advanced battery technology - The EVTraxer platform is designed to carry fully recyclable lithium-iron battery technology. The fully modular solution allows increasing the size of the battery pack according to the needs of the application of the platform. Additionally, according to the EEC homologation, the weight of the battery is not included in the curb weight of the vehicle. This allows balancing the maximal load weight and the size of the battery pack. High speed charging – Ready! - The advanced lithium-iron battery technology allows for high speed charging in less then 20 minutes. A variety of high-speed chargers is available to support the development needs of the platform designers and users.


Further custom design options

Simply design what you need: Small size task oriented utility vehicles, prototype moving frameworks for developers and a chassis base for personalized kit car builders or low-volume production vehicles can be easily created thanks to the platform's scalability features. The vehicles builders will benefit from a modular energy lithium storage system that can provide vehicle ranges from 30 km (2kWh battery configuration) right up to 300 km (25kWh battery configuration). There are also many options concerning the power of the traction system (DC motors, AC motors, BLDC motors). The platform is fully ready to be driven and everything is provided: the battery, traction system the power electronics, the board systems - everything that makes a real vehicle go on the road, all of that enclosed in a flexible structure that allows for unlimited design possibilities.

The idea behind the design is: The only way to cut cost of electric vehicle technology is through massive competition and innovation. Now the automotive industry is the power of the monopoly of the mammoth global corporations. If we want to bring about the real difference and change, there must be an overflow of hundreds and hundreds of new companies competing to develop and create the clean and innovated transportation solutions. Now it’s time to put the automotive industry back into the hands of the ordinary people by offering them an easy, cost-effective, well-supported vehicle platform to design and build for. With EVTraxer you can work to create an EV platform suitable for any road going application. It means there's an EV for every occasion, from small cars to semi-trucks and anything in between.


Get a Full support in the development process

The EVTraxer is provided as an EV platform ready to go on road. The EVTraxer support team is available to help with the modifications to reach the demands of customers. We provide vehicle development tools that contacts many ideas for design and application suited directly for the platform.


Examples of real demonstrations

A light vehicle for pedestrian zone in Italy

A city in Italy with narrow streets and large pedestrian zones requested to limit the drives of cars into the area. In order to make the delivery services to the shops, businesses, restaurants and hotels available, the city has decided to use low-noise, zero emission electric vehicles. Using the EVTraxer platform, a local car service company has created a working prototype of a lightweight delivery truck that can service the area. With costs bellow EUR8000 and needing only 6 weeks to finish the project, the first EV truck is now servicing the pedestrian area.

University in Germany

The student team at a university in Germany is testing the application of a hydrogen fuel cell. The demonstration also includes the tests in vehicle-driving applications. The team leaders realized that the development of their own chassis for the vehicle would require too much of the students time and university financial resources. The decision to purchase the EVTraxer platform allows them to get a fully functional vehicle immediately. Thus the team can focus on the core of their experiments - the fuel cell applications. Just in 3 weeks, the team was able to have the driving vehicle thus saving many months originally planned to create their own vehicle.

Solar charged vehicle

A development team in a private company in EU is working on a EU funded project to integrate the solar panels into the body of vehicles to improve the performance of the on board battery systems. The team is using the EVTraxer platform to mount the solar panels and to measure the real sunshine available for vehicles parked in various positions.

TV filming screw – mobile camera

An international TV filming company has converted the EVTraxer vehicle body into a mobile camera moving platform. Originally the filming crew was using a rail type of moving platform, however laying down the rails took a lot of extra time and resources. The EVTraxer can drive noiseless, without any rails laid on the ground. With the changing of the gear ratio, the vehicle was modified for very low speeds. This allows smooth filming of the moving scenes.

Mobile advertising platform

An advertising company has been using the EVTraxer in a prolonged modification to carry advertising products. A big size beer bottle carried on the platform is used to advertise a famous beer brand during sport events. Fertilizer irrigation in greenhouses. An agricultural farm is using the EVTraxer platform with mounted a container carrying water with fertilizers. Zero-emission EV platform allows to drive the fertilizers directly to the plants inside the greenhouses. Clean, noiseless solution to improve the work on the farm.



The EVTraxer is not just an idea; it is a ready vehicle platform.





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